Bonus Coins

Available on April 5th

Buy MUT coins: is a safe, reliable place that provides cheap and fast MUT coins. A big amount of MUT coins are provided every day, easy and safe to transfer to your game account.

Open FUT Packs:
If you want to earn more FUT coins easily, or want to experience a special packs opening journey, then you should open packs on
All kinds of packs (TOTY, TOTW, TOT, TEAM LEADER…) available for you to open. You not only can earn FUT coins, but also can withdraw the players you won from packs to your game account, and it’s fast and safe.

Redeem Gift Cards from Store:
If you get some much coins in your account, you can exchange them to gift cards. We have Amazon Gift Cards, PSN/Xbox Live Gift Cards, G2A Gift Cards… available for you to exchange. protects all trading information from hacking and stealing basing on our strict privacy policy and management system! We NEVER let out any personal information including trade details, banking accounts, etc. to any third parties!

It forms of 2 parts:
Part 1: Buy coins. Select the quantity of the coins that you want to buy and successfully send the payment.
Part 2: Transfer coins. When coins arrive in your member account, click ”Get Coins” then choose one of the trade ways to transfer the coins to your MUT account.

1. Login (If you don’t have an account, please sign up first)
2. Select your console, then enter or select the coins amount you want to buy, click ” Buy Now”.
3. You’ll be led to the payment page, just select one of the payment method and send your payment.
4. Inform Emails will be sent to you that will tell you your order status.
5. When you receive an email says “Payment received”, coins are in your member account, just transferring them through Player Auction to your game account.

The simple verification only for the first purchase. We need your authorization to confirm the payment was authorized and keep your money safe! We promise all your info will keep confidential and no leak to any third party!

Further Verification (Card Verification) is required in the following cases:
- It’s the first time you purchase on and your payment is more than 100$.

- Your risky-score is too high. That may be:
1) The distance between your current location and the place you registered your PayPal is too far.
2) You have used proxy when placing your order.
3) Illegal internet connection service.

1. If you paid successfully and don’t want to get coins to the game account, you can get a refund.
2. If you had used part of the coins you bought, you can refund the money of the rest coins.

You have 1 trade way to get coins from your member account:

Player Auction:
Click “Get Coins”, then choose “Player Auction”.
List your player on the transfer market first.
Put your listed player’s correct information into the blank, then “Search”.
Select your player card from the list, then click “Buy Now”, your player will be bought.
You can check the coins transfer process from “Delivery History”, if it says ”Completed”, then your coins have arrived in your game account.

1)Faster. You can withdraw any quantity of coins to your game account based on our rule, and the delivery speed could be up to 10 seconds/player via Player Auction.
2)Visible. The processing of the withdrawal could be seen, so you can know whether you get coins in game account or not.
3)Controllability. If you have coins available in Member Center, you can withdraw the coins at any time in any quantity. It all depends on you.

1. Orders of payment received:
First purchase: Around 5 - 30 minutes to finish simple verification.
Old customers: Seconds if buying coins less than $100.
Order >$100: 5 – 30 minutes to finish “Card verification”, then seconds.

2. Orders of withdraw coins:
Player Auction: 0-12H/players, after players are bought, you receive the coins.

Make sure you had correctly used Player Auction to transfer your MUT coins.
If you did use the trade way successfully and didn’t receive your MUT coins in a long time, please contact our LIVE CHAT to have a check.

For your account safety concern, we do not suggest you to withdraw more than 100M in a day. If you did want to withdraw that much coins, please use up the coins ASAP once you received it.

Player Auction:
Please list all of your players as the Buy Now Price, Start Price and Duration defined by us.

Other reasons for delay:
Internet error, EA maintenance, verification process, time for clearing payment, out of stock, etc.

Transfer coins usually take a few minutes to a couple of hours to finish. To know whether your coins arrived or not, you can know in 2 ways:
1. Check account on the “Delivery History” to see whether your order is completed or not. If it is completed, then you can log in your game account to check.
2. Check your Email box. If your coins had been successfully transferred, you’ll receive a notification email. That means your coins had all arrived.

Normally EA does not ban customers, but there is still a 0.1% risk so that we suggest do not buy large amounts or buy every day, and use all the coins right away when you receive the coins from us. Please keep player instead of coins to avoid risk, we suggest do not leave any coins in your MUT account. If you want to sell the player again, we suggest using the coins again too.

Tips: how to get coins safely
1. Use the coins immediately when you receive them.
2. Get less than 100,000K coins by day.
3. Do not get coins frequently, wait 3-4 days.